Anti-Snow Day Ritual


PLAINWELL, Michigan, January 7, Polar Vortex, Day three: The natives are getting restless. They’ve watched ALL the movies, played ALL the games, eaten ALL the snacks and read ALL the books. We are running low on supplies: hot chocolate, chips and Elmer’s glue. We’ve become so desperate in fact we’re mixing sugar with snow and […]

Indoor Games for Kids to Burn Off Energy


Snow day number two and day two of temperatures and wind chills so dangerously cold I can’t send the boys outside to sled and play in the snow to burn off all their extra energy. So here a few ways I’m keeping them from climbing the walls: 1. Pillow fight, but we use throw pillows. […]

Breaking the Silence

I’ve been a little irritable and cranky the last few days. I was trying to figure out why, then I realized I hadn’t written anything in weeks. Some of you are wondering why that matters. You haven’t written anything since you left school, and you don’t plan to start now. (I feel much the same […]

When Life Kicks You in the Butt Then Knocks You Down Sometimes You Should Stay Down (With a Bonus Christmas Tour of My House)


I thought I could push through this time like all the others. Just keep going. Don’t give in to the sore throat, nagging cough and congestion. Don’t let on to anyone how bad you really feel. There was too much to do. It was almost Christmas. I bundled up, and went out with them into […]

Why Mom is Crazy


Motherhood is like being told to pick up 500 golf balls and box them. Every time you finish stacking the boxes someone comes along, knocks them over and tells you to pick up all the golf balls again, over and over for 18 years. The sink you thought was empty mysteriously refills when you turn […]

Follow Along and Celebrate Advent


Today is the first day of Advent. It’s so much more than just counting down the days until we open presents under the Christmas tree. Advent is the anticipation of the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus. It’s a time to prepare our hearts to receive the message of Christmas and to reflect […]

10 Things Moms are Secretly Thankful For


Thanksgiving is just a couple days away. It’s time to give thanks for everything. Even the stuff we might not want to admit. 1. Nap time. If you’re lucky enough to have kids who still take naps, you look forward every day to an hour or two when you can eat chocolate in the open […]