Carpe Aestas – Where I’ve Been
Carpe Aestas! That's my motto for this season. It means seize the summer, because it doesn't last nearly long enough around here. We've b [more]
A Day at Cedar Point with the Family
A trip to Cedar Point was a part of summer, growing up in Northern Indiana. I went at least once every year starting the summer after fifth [more]
Campfire Kitchen Essentials
When we go camping, one of the things we enjoy the most is cooking over the campfire. Nothing tastes as good as a hamburger cooked over a wo [more]
Win a Little Scholar Learning Tablet
My kids use electronics every day. I used to feel guilty about that. Then I decided in today's world screen time is just a fact of life. [more]
Dial F for Fardered
It was Saturday afternoon. They boys were hanging out on the couch playing Xbox. Barney, the family dog, was snuggled up to David. "Aw! B [more]
Join the Real Food Revolution with Meijer and EVOL Frozen Foods
This a sponsored post written on behalf of Meijer. All thoughts are my own. When Wade went to kindergarten in the fall, it was the first [more]