Stay-at-home Mom Problems: Grocery Shopping


Some days you take what you can get. Even if the only alone time you had this week was a few minutes in the produce aisle. Sometimes when I go to the grocery store and the boys are at home with Dad, I pick the longest line on purpose just get a few more moments […]

The Stouts Take the Upper Peninsula

2014-07-07 20.59.16

Well, I don’t know if we took The Upper Peninsula or if The Upper Peninsula took us. I’ve been trying to write about this trip and all the wonderful and crazy things that happened for 10 days now. It’s hard to sum it all up and not bore you to death. I was thinking about […]

A Life’s Work


I’m starting to suspect raising David and Wade will be my life’s greatest accomplishment. I’m OK with that. I grew up watching re-runs of That Girl, Mary Tyler Moore, Donna Reed and Leave It to Beaver. Talk about a mixed message. Glamorous, single career girls in the city vs. stay-at-home moms cooking dinner in high […]

You can Remove the Screaming Kid from Target, but You can’t Make Him Stop Screaming or Why I’m Glad Toddlers have Bad Aim


It was early evening. The sun hung low and bright in the sky leaving a trail due west across Lake Michigan. Small waves lapped the shore. The beach was quiet. Most of the day’s visitors were gone. A few people lingered, probably hoping to catch one those spectacular coastline sunsets. I walked just near the […]

Stout’s Adventure Camp for Unruly Boys


Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Mine looks like a pop-up camper. All four of us enjoy exploring new places and revisiting our familiar favorites, but we don’t have a lot of room for travel in our family budget. So in February when tax return money was left over after making some necessary expenditures, […]

Why I Don’t Want to Time Travel Back to the ’90s


The other day Wade told me he was pretending to time travel back to the 1990s. Huh? I don’t know where that came from, but I told him I wasn’t coming. I lived through them once and didn’t care to go back. Here’s why: 1. Rolled jeans – Why did we think it was flattering […]

Why You Can’t Stay Up Until 9 o’clock


“Mom, it’s Friday. Can we stay up until nine?” “No.” “But it isn’t a school night.” “Um, well, it was a long week, and you’re extra tired, and I want you to get a good night’s rest because tomorrow is Saturday.” “Yeah, it’s SATURDAY. No school.” “You can’t enjoy your day off if you’re tired.” […]