I See You, Mom


“I want choo-choo train! I want choo-choo train! I want choo-choo train! I want it! I want it! I want it!” The little boy’s crying filled the entire shop. The more his mom tried to quiet him, the louder he yelled. The tantrum lasted about ten minutes. I felt sorry for his mom. I’ve been […]

Top 10 Craziest Things that Happened in My House This Week No. 3


1. Wade is “in love” with a little girl from church. After AWANA awards Wednesday night he asked her to marry him. She ran away and hid her face in her dad’s arm. 2. We met a band of pirates at the Tulip Festival in Holland. 3. David dressed up and danced like a Russian […]

What We Get Wrong About Mother’s Day


Last year there was a huge backlash against Mother’s Day. People said it shouldn’t be celebrated, because any female can give birth. What’s so special about that? Others said it wasn’t fair to elevate one group of women, those with children, over another, those without. That’s all as full of bologna as the sandwich your […]

Simplify Your Life with Simple Meal Planning |Part 3: Making the Weekly Menu, Shopping for Groceries and Saving Money


So far in the meal planning series I talked about why you need a meal plan and the two tools you need to make a meal plan. I gave you a little assignment that included coming up with a list of meals that you know how to make and your family likes. The next step […]

Top 10 Craziest Things That Happened in my House Last Week (No. 2)


1. Wade decided on his own that the Easter Bunny isn’t real. So I asked if he thought Santa Claus was real. “Yeah, because he’s a person, but rabbits don’t like candy. That’s just crazy. Duh.” 2. I was talking to Wade on the phone. When he got tired of talking to me, instead of […]

Simplify Your Life with Simple Meal Planning | Part 2: The Two Tools You Need to Implement a Meal Plan


One of the hardest parts of meal planning can be figuring out what to make. What will everyone like? Didn’t I just make that last week?  What can I get on the table in 30 minutes or less? And sometimes you just can’t think of anything. Well, I don’t spend hours pouring over cookbooks. I […]

Spring Style


Last week I was over on the Meijer Style Blog talking about my new spring look. Come check it out.