Wade Finds God in a Cornfield

I took Wade with me for my nightly walk. Usually I push him in a stroller, but this day I let him ride his bike for the first time while I walked behind. We live on a country road with little traffic, and I knew he wouldn’t go very fast. The first leg of our […]

Pray Without Ceasing. Especially at Bedtime.


If you come to our house for dinner and you want to pray, you’ll have to get in line. And you might want to bring snacks. It could be a while before we eat. We have a new, somewhat unusual, sibling competition going on at our house at dinner time. The boys fight over whose […]

Hey! The Duck Dynasty Guide to a Happy, Happy, Happy Family Life


Dave and I were channel surfing one night and stumbled onto Duck Dynasty. We’d heard of the Robertson family, because who hasn’t? But we’d never watched the show. After a couple episodes and coming to terms with all the facial hair, we were hooked on these redneck millionaires who believe in, “faith, family and ducks, […]

Superbook Bible Cartoon Series Returns, New and Updated for 2013


I was so excited when I found out Superbook was returning to television. I remember watching the original series when I was a kid, and I knew my boys would love it. Superbook is a cartoon series that brings Bible stories to life, retelling them through the eyes of kids Chris, Joy and their robot […]

Mom’s Emergency Scripture Reference


Some days this mothering gig is hard. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to lose it if one more little person asks me for one more cookie. “NO! NO! YOU CAN NOT HAVE ANOTHER COOKIE. YOU HAD THREE COOKIES ALREADY, AND YOU GAVE TWO OF THEM TO THE DOG. DO YOU HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE […]

Occasional Deep Thought: Standing on the Promises


The negative thoughts come so easily. Why will it be any different this time? It doesn’t feel like He’s come through for us in the past, at least not in a big way. I know He can do it. But will He? He does it for other people, but not us. It’s just not meant to happen for […]

I Wonder if Jesus Would Like a Side of Hash Browns with That?


Wade and Jesus are tight. I mean, like, serious BFFs. Their relationship is more than just a bedtime prayer kind of thing. Most of the time when Wade talks about Jesus he calls Him Baby Lord Jesus. Not just Jesus. Not just Lord. No. That’s Baby Lord Jesus to you, thank you very much. It started […]