Top 10 Craziest Things that Happened in My House Last Week (No. 1)


1. Wade “cleaned” the bathroom with toothpaste. An entire, brand new tube of toothpaste. It was all over the counter, vanity, wall and bathtub. The sink is now completely plaque free. 2. We tried the Waffle Taco from Taco Bell. I was curious. I mean, it has bacon in it. How can anything with bacon […]

Never Take a Mom to this Restaurant or The Post in Which I Reveal how Boring We Are


Our family of four — one stay-at-home mom, one work-from-home dad and two boys — spent most of January marooned inside the house together thanks to one relentless snowstorm after the other. By the end of the month I was desperate for a break from the constant wrestling matches on the floor in front of […]

Conversations with My Children: The Definition of Blackmail

David: Mom, what does blackmail mean? Me: It’s when someone tries to get you to do something by holding something over your head. David: Oh. Me: You know, say you cheated on a test, and I said if you don’t pay me $100 I’ll tell your teacher you cheated. David: I think I’d rather just […]

Why Thin Mints are a Threat to Public Health and How to Manage Your Addiction


We just made it through the feeding frenzy that starts with Halloween and continues through Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Fat Tuesday was yesterday. I indulged in the requisite Paczki packed with sugar and jellied fruit. I stepped on the scale this morning and whew! I didn’t lose any weight, but somehow I managed to […]

How to Shovel Snow or Why Shoveling Snow is Like Golfing


I realize many of you down south are dealing with snow, possibly for the first time ever. I thought I’d help you out by sharing a few snow shoveling tips, something I’ve had way too much experience with this winter. First, you should know that snow shoveling is a workout. I think it qualifies as […]

Why Mom is Crazy


Motherhood is like being told to pick up 500 golf balls and box them. Every time you finish stacking the boxes someone comes along, knocks them over and tells you to pick up all the golf balls again, over and over for 18 years. The sink you thought was empty mysteriously refills when you turn […]

10 Things Moms are Secretly Thankful For


Thanksgiving is just a couple days away. It’s time to give thanks for everything. Even the stuff we might not want to admit. 1. Nap time. If you’re lucky enough to have kids who still take naps, you look forward every day to an hour or two when you can eat chocolate in the open […]