The June Cleaver Experiment: Day Two

O.K., so you all think I’m crazy for doing this. Well, I am just little bit off if you must know the truth. I am committed to seeing this thing through. Look, I have to entertain myself somehow. This morning I woke up well-rested with a better attitude. I didn’t have anywhere to go, so […]

And Now for the Question You’ve All Been Asking…

Are we going to be relocating south of the Mason-Dixon? Well, unfortunately not. If you’ve been following along you know we went down to Knoxville, TN last week, because my husband Dave was asked to audition for a Gospel Quartet that is pretty well known in those circles. It was a really exciting opportunity. His […]

The Motherland


We headed home on Thursday from Knoxville. But first we made a stop-over in Overton County in the Cumberland Mountains near the Kentucky boarder where my husband’s grandparents grew up. We got our son David all excited about the trip before leaving by telling him we were going to see mountains. He was disappointed in […]

The June Cleaver Experiment: Day One

I was so tired when I got up this morning. I didn’t sleep well. That last thing I wanted to do was put on a dress and heels. To make matters worse it meant that I had to shave my legs at 6 a.m. since I was going out to women’s Bible study at my […]

Will the Tooth Fairy Come See Me?

Here’s a strange, random fact about me. I had two baby teeth that never fell out. My dentist pulled one when I was in the eighth grade, but he left the other one. He said it would fall out eventually. Well, it did last night. So, I guess I’m all grown up now. When I […]

Great Smokey Mountain National Park


Well, we just had one full day in the Knoxville area on Wednesday. Dave had his audition after breakfast that morning, more on that later. So while he was gone little David and I just hung out at the motel. After the audition we went to Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Knoxville is on the […]

Knoxville, BBQ and Moonshine


Finally, a post about our trip. I’m sure your are just on pins and needles waiting to hear about it. No? Well, humor me and read it anyway. It’s actually going to be four posts. It would have made for one very long, long post, and I’m sure I would have lost you around day […]