Dollar Store Finds for the Beach
It's beach season here in Michigan, that time of year we look forward to during all those other months we're buried under snow and ice. I l [more]
Carpe Aestas – Where I’ve Been
Carpe Aestas! That's my motto for this season. It means seize the summer, because it doesn't last nearly long enough around here. We've b [more]
A Day at Cedar Point with the Family
A trip to Cedar Point was a part of summer, growing up in Northern Indiana. I went at least once every year starting the summer after fifth [more]
Campfire Kitchen Essentials
When we go camping, one of the things we enjoy the most is cooking over the campfire. Nothing tastes as good as a hamburger cooked over a wo [more]
Win a Little Scholar Learning Tablet
My kids use electronics every day. I used to feel guilty about that. Then I decided in today's world screen time is just a fact of life. [more]
Dial F for Fardered
It was Saturday afternoon. They boys were hanging out on the couch playing Xbox. Barney, the family dog, was snuggled up to David. "Aw! B [more]